How To Learn Salsa - Here’s A Step- By- Step Guide For You

How To Learn Salsa – Here’s A Step- By- Step Guide For You

How To Learn Salsa - Here’s A Step- By- Step Guide For You

If you are interested in learning a new dance, try salsa dance classes Dubai. It is one of the most popular dances, and it is easy to learn if you have the right technique. The basic steps can be learned in about ten minutes of practice. If you are serious about salsa, consider taking a class to perfect your moves. But if you still need to prepare for a class, you can start practicing salsa solo. You can even find salsa videos online.

Step# 1:

A basic salsa step involves three weight changes in four beats. However, it can be done on some beats. This is because the basic salsa step pauses on the fourth and eighth beats. On these two beats, you will perform an inside turn.

Step# 2:

The same holds for the basic side step. The basic sideway step is a reverse of the basic salsa step. The reversal occurs on the third, fifth, and seventh beats, while the side basic step is done on the fourth and sixth.

Step# 3:

Another step you can try is the Cucaracha, a type of salsa figure that involves side breaks to the left and right. The Cucaracha is a good example of a salsa move that is simple to perform and that will be useful in establishing your rhythm.

Step# 4:

The other thing to do is practice with a partner. This can be a low-pressure method for practicing your moves as long as you maintain eye contact with your partner. It is also a good way to practice counting.

Step# 5:

While there are many different styles of salsa, the basic steps and movements are always the same. These include the sideway basic, the Cucaracha, and the inside turn. There are also many more moves to master, though. In the end, the secret to becoming a better salsa dancer is focusing on your body and feet. The hips and arms are key to the style, adding flair to the basic moves.

Step# 6:

Aside from the basic steps, you should also practice the side and cross steps. This is similar to the sideway basic, except that you’ll be switching your weight to your left and right foot, respectively. This is important, especially in moves that involve turning.

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